How to setup vpn on qnap

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Configuring your QNAP. Open your Control Panel in your QNAP browser window, go to Applications and select VPN Server. Scroll down to the L2TP/IPSec Setting section and check the Enable L2TP/IPSec VPN Server checkbox. The default IP range settings should do for more environments. Set a Preshared key to your liking. Adding a VPN User Open QVPN. Go to VPN Server Privilege Settings. Click Add VPN Users. The Add VPN Users window opens. Locate an existing user account. Tip You can switch between local user accounts and domain user accounts with the menu at the top of this window. Select the VPN server types. You can setup pptp port forward on your router by following the below mentioned steps You should open the NAT router if your QNAP NAS is situated behind the NAT router. Forward these QNAP VPN ports to fixed LAN IP of NAS, the function is called on different routers. You can also use your WAN IP.

How to setup vpn on qnap:

I – How To Set Up A Qnap Nas As A VPN Server? Virtual private networks VPN offer secure connections to access network resources and services across a public network. QNAP NAS provides a VPN service for users to access anything on their NAS or other sources via the internet. With a VPN installed on your QNAP NAS device, all traffic will be sent over the VPN network so your files remain private and secure. With a VPN for QNAP NAS, such as VyprVPN, you will have access to VyprVPN's over 700 server locations worldwide with several protocols to choose from. These protocols include OpenVPN 256-bit and PPTP. If so, great — click it to move to the VPN management page. If not, you can download this service from the App Center. Click the VPN Server option in the list on the left-hand side to expand it. Next, select OpenVPN and make sure there’s a check in the box marked Enable OpenVPN Server. Step 2 Import files and configure the connection


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Setup a VPN on the Qnap TS 251 +, its nice and easy to setup OpenVPN there are a couple of types of VPN you can use, but I recommend you use OpenVPN and make sure you keep it up to date on your. In QVPN Service, click on VPN Client, and click on Add button and select PPTP. 3 Enter the server address you want to connect to, your PureVPN username and password. For authentication set MS-CHAPv2, and for encryption choose the highest AES 128-bit.


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In QVPN Service, click on VPN Client, and click on Add button and select OpenVPN. 3 This will open a " File open " dialog asking you to select configuration file. Follow the steps below to set it up on your QNAP NAS Go to the "App Center" and get the QVPN Service. Once done, search for "L2TP/IPSec" and add it to your QNAP NAS. After the installation completes, head to the "Control Panel" in QTS 4.3. Click on "Applications", select "VPN Server Settings".


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